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Looking for further reading? Enjoy these stories and ideas from Penta’s team of cloud services professionals. Each written by an expert in our two global data centers, they’ll give you a sense of what’s happening at Penta … and beyond, in the broader world of private clouds and critical IT.

March 17, 2020. | Data security News Tips

Working from home securely

There has been a significant increase in malware and phishing scams associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Bad actors are taking advantage of the increased use of personal computers and devices that often do not have the security measures normally be in place at work. If you are working from home, try to implement the […]

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May 02, 2019. | Data security Infrastructure News

Malware + email + negligence: the trio keeping security managers up at night

A malware sent via email infecting a company, all because of an employee’s negligence: this is the typical scenario that security managers are faced with, according to Cisco’s 2019 CISO Benchmark Report. In order to prevent breaches, CISOs focus in particular on integrating security into all their internal processes, into access management and human risk. […]

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March 11, 2019. | Uncategorized

Top tips on creating secure passwords

Strong passwords are among the most important tools in keeping your data safe. For all the talk of cutting-edge security software and multi-tiered firewalls protecting your data, IT experts agree the best digital defences can be rendered useless if users’ passwords are not up to scratch. Maintaining strong, unique passwords for all the services we […]

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