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Looking for further reading? Enjoy these stories and ideas from Penta’s team of cloud services professionals. Each written by an expert in our two global data centers, they’ll give you a sense of what’s happening at Penta … and beyond, in the broader world of private clouds and critical IT.

January 10, 2019. | Data security Infrastructure News

Long-term planning essential in the wake of GDPR

Businesses have been warned that long-term IT planning was only going to become more important as Governments look to the future with digital compliance legislation. And with European data regulators already fining well-known companies for breaches in current regulations, businesses best stay one step ahead to protect their data, and themselves. Advice This was the […]

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November 30, 2018. | Data security Infrastructure News

Microsoft’s new data centres

Microsoft says it believes cloud technologies will be the key drivers of economic development in the near future. Image: Copyright iStock. Microsoft has announced it is to open new data centres in Switzerland and Dubai in 2019, helping businesses ‘achieve more while recognizing the unprecedented opportunity for digital transformation in the region’. The company’s new […]

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November 16, 2018. | Data security Infrastructure News

Quick tips on working safely online

There are some basic steps users can make to protect their data online. Cyber criminals may be continually evolving their tricks and traps, but it is important to recognise there are still some key steps all users can make to enhance their security online. Firstly, users should ensure they have quality anti-virus software installed as […]

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