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Almost every organization needs IT to run effectively. But it can be complex and daunting to find what works for you. Penta provides IT solutions for every type of industry, from just a couple of staff to enterprises of thousands. Whatever your challenges, Penta has a plan that solves them.

Corporate Cloud

​​Custom-built IT infrastructure to any configuration designed and maintained by Penta’s team of IT experts.

  • Private cloud and infrastructure
  • Any business
  • Custom setups
  • On-demand computing workloads
  • Self or Penta managed
  • Long term backups
  • Custom-made disaster recovery
  • High security + SLA
  • Premium service desk
  • Data protection
  • Flexible billing

Business Cloud

​​Private server package with everything needed for careful data control, clear legal jurisdiction, and peace of mind.

  • Private cloud
  • Any business
  • Turn-key, ready to go
  • Business-ready applications
  • Penta managed
  • Long term backups
  • Disaster recovery ready
  • High security + SLA
  • Premium service desk
  • Data protection
  • Fixed & predictable budget

Penta Azure 365

Based on Microsoft’s cloud and 365 platform for maximum flexibility and cost control.

  • Public cloud
  • Any business
  • Easy setup
  • Productivity software
  • Penta managed
  • Short term backups
  • Optional remote backups
  • Public cloud security
  • On-demand IT support
  • No data protection
  • Cost efficient

Mix features from the packages above, and/or integrate them as hybrid with your in-house IT

Included as standard on all Penta plans:


IT Support

  • Premium service desk
  • Assigned account manager
  • VIP & critical support


  • Bank Level Security
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Regular Penetration Tests

IT Governance

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Yearly Audits
  • Included at no extra cost

Technical Expertise

  • Specialist Teams
  • Bespoke Setups
  • CTO as a Service


  • Latest Technology
  • R&D Labs
  • Business Transformation

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