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 SecureBox FAQ’s

How do I access my Securebox account?

You can log in to your SecureBox account by visiting this page from any web browser.

You can login using your account name or email address with the respective password.

Is SecureBox accessible on any IT devices?

Yes, it is accessible from PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile device. You will just need to download the relative application:

Desktop Application: This will allow you synchronize the files from your home or office computer to your SecureBox storage. You can also create a source folder on your computer, where you have the option to choose which the data you require to synced it with.

SecureBox Desktop Application is available now for Windows PCs.

SecureBox Web: This is the direct access to your personal cloud storage where you can manage your files by using any web browsers. With a strong internet connectivity and by using any computer in your location. Log in to SecureBox using your email/username and respective password as this is your quick access while you are away from home or office.

Web Browsers Supported: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, MS Edge, Safari or Mozilla Firefox

Mobile/Tablet App: This will allow you to a quick access to your personal cloud storage. Once the app is installed, using a strong internet connectivity via mobile data or WiFi. You may quickly upload, stream and share the files to your family, friends and office mates.

The mobile and tablet app will be available soon in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Create a folder

To create a folder simply right click on the “+” icon at the top of the page. Give your folder the name you prefer and press Enter.

Upload a document

To upload a file, select “Upload” in the list and browse to the file you want to import into your Securebox. Once selected, press Ok and the transfer will begin.

Delete a document or a folder

Place your mouse pointer over the folder(s) or the file(s) you would like to delete then tick the checkbox.

On the top right corner appears the delete option, click on it and the folder or file will be deleted

Download a document or a folder

On the upper right side select download. If you want to download a folder, the folder will be downloaded in a compressed format (.zip), the same will happen if download more than one file.

Restore a document or a folder

The files and folders you delete are possible to restore. At the bottom left on your Securebox home page you have a button Deleted files, clicking on it will display all the items which have been deleted.

To restore an item, click on Restore on the right side of the item.

Move a file or a folder

If you want to move a file or a folder, mouse over it and check it. At the top right, the “Move” button will appear, click on it and the list of available folders will appear. Once the folder is selected, press on Move

The folder can be also copied, if you put a tick mark on “Copy” at the top.

Mark the files and folders as Favorite(s)

If you want to see your favorites folder or files, place your mouse pointer over the left side of the folder or file and a star will appear, if you click on it, it will add the folder or file to your favorites. Clicking it again will remove it from your favorites.

To access your favorites simply click on Favorites on the left side of the web page. Here, only your favorite’s files or folders will be shown.

How secure is SecureBox?

SecureBox data security places the safety of your data above everything else.

Multi-factor authentication, independent penetration testing and 24/7 security engineers included as standard.

Click here to learn more about data security.

What is OTP (One Time Password)?

  • Is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device.

How to to enable the One Time Password (OTP)?

  • You can enable your One-Time Password on the personal settings in your SecureBox account.

How do I subscribe to SecureBox Service?

The SecureBox plans are available online through the SecureBox page.

Is there any limit on the devices linked to SecureBox?

There is “No limit” on linking devices to SecureBox.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Why cancel? Is there something we could do to change your mind? If you have decided to end your subscription please contact our support team by sending an email or by calling us .

How do I get support on Securebox?

You get SecureBox support by going to the Contact page and send an email or by calling us.

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