How to use SecureBox

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How to use SecureBox


Use this procedure to log in to SecureBox and share files

Required information

Required resources and tools

Step-by-step procedure

    1. Open your internet browser and go to:
    2. Type your username and password
    3. Click on “TOTP (Authenticator app)
    4. Open your Multi Factor Authentication application on your smartphone. You will need to install an authenticator app such as Microsoft Authenticator or Okta Verify on your smartphone in order to connect. Click Add account, select Other account (third party)
    5. Scan the QR code or select Scan with QR code: scan the QR code displayed on the screen
    6. The account is now added into your MFA application: enter the first code displayed and click Verify
    7. Click again on “TOTP (Authenticator app)
    8. Wait for the code to change, type the new code and Submit
    9. You are now logged in to SecureBox
    10. To upload a file: click the + sign and select “Upload file”
      To create New Folder, click the + sign and select “New Folder”
    11. To share a document internally: click the share button and type the name of the internal user in the “Name, email …” field, then select it:
    12. To share via email: type the email into the “Name, email…” field: the recipient will receive an email with the link to the document:
    13. To share a document with a link, select “Share link”, then click on the + sign: a green checkbox will show that the file is shared:
      Copy the link of the share and paste into an email to send to a recipient or into a document if needed:
    14. To edit settings on any share, click on the 3 dots button on the right of the share:

      The available options are: Edit permission (Allow editing, default is read-only), set a password for the share (Password protect), set expiration date or unshare to remove the share
    15. To change your SecureBox password: click on the account icon on the top right corner and select “Settings”:
      Click “Security”:
      Go to Password enter the current and new password, then “Change password”
    16. To install the SecureBox sync application:

      Download and install the application, then follow the onscreen instructions:

      Click Install:
      Launch Penta SecureBox:
      Restart your computer (or later if not possible)Enter the SecureBox portal address and click Next:
      The portal will require the MFA code and an internet browser page will open:
      Open the internet browser and click “Log in”:
      Enter your credentials and click “Log in”:
      Enter the MFA code and click Submit:
      Click “Grant Access” to the SecureBox application:
      The account is now connected and the SecureBox app reopens:
      Click on PentaSecurebox under Local Folder to select the desired PC location to sync your files:
      Click Connect to start syncing files:
      To change any setting in Windows, click on the small arrow in the taskbar to reveal the active apps and then right click the green checkbox and select Settings:
      To change any setting on a Mac, click on the SecureBox icon at the top of the screen,
      then click on the account on the top left window, then select Settings:

    17. To install the SecureBox application on Android or IOS:

      When requested to enter the portal address, type:

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