January 30, 2024. | Backup and disaster recovery, Data security

Survey shines a light on the hidden vulnerabilities threatening EMEA’s data security

A recent Dell study paints a worrying picture for data security in the EMEA region. 

While cyberattacks remain responsible for a significant 34% of data breaches and system outages, they’re far from the sole culprits.

The study, drawing upon insights from 1,500 IT and cybersecurity decision-makers, reveals a wider spectrum of vulnerabilities silently jeopardizing data integrity across businesses.

The top 5 challenges in data protection in the EMEA region were cited as: 

  • 66% cite a lack of data protection solutions for emerging technologies (e.g., containers, cloud-native applications, IoT, edge, etc.).
  • 64% point to an inability to locate and protect dynamic and distributed data resulting from DevOps and cloud development processes.
  • 62% are struggling with the exploding costs of storage and management of backup copies due to rapid data growth.
  • 59% say that the increasingly distributed nature of data results in an inability to meet backup windows.
  • In a tie for fifth place (58%), people mentioned two issues, both caused by rapid data growth. These were increased operational complexity, and the challenge of meeting backup windows.

Let’s delve deeper into each of these critical concerns.

Moving beyond perimeter defenses

Cyberattacks persist, but a staggering 66% of EMEA businesses cite the lack of data protection solutions for emerging technologies as their primary challenge. The surge in containerization, cloud-native applications, and edge computing demands innovative security frameworks, leaving many feeling inadequately equipped.

Data is in flux

Further complicating matters is the inability to locate and secure dynamic, distributed data (64% of respondents). DevOps and cloud workflows generate data that constantly shifts and fragments, making traditional perimeter-based security obsolete. Enterprises grapple with securing this elusive data, leaving it vulnerable to potential breaches.

Data storage and backup are a growing burden

Data’s exponential growth fuels another pressing concern: the exploding costs of managing backup copies (62%). Businesses struggle to find cost-effective storage solutions without compromising on data accessibility and recovery times. Additionally, the increasingly distributed nature of data makes adhering to backup windows a logistical nightmare for 59% of EMEA companies.

Operational overload demands holistic solutions

These challenges culminate in a significant increase in time and complexity of operational management (58%). Security teams find themselves overburdened with tasks, struggling to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape while maintaining data availability and user productivity.

How can businesses protect against the unforeseen?

The report makes it clear that while cyberattacks remain a potent threat, the study sheds light on the broader spectrum of risks confronting data security in EMEA. From the challenges posed by new technologies to the complexities of managing dynamic data and optimizing backup strategies, businesses face a multi-pronged battle to keep their valuable information safe.

Penta, your EMEA data defender

At Penta, we understand the unique data security challenges faced by businesses in the EMEA region. We offer a suite of solutions meticulously designed to help businesses: 

  • secure emerging technologies
  • gain holistic data visibility
  • optimize storage and backups, and
  • boost operational efficiency.

Protecting your data doesn’t need to be a guessing game. Penta empowers you to navigate the complexities and safeguard your most valuable asset.

Contact us today to discuss how Penta can help you build a robust data security strategy.

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