A partner that puts trust first.

Five pillars for your success.

Your data is Penta’s mission. The servers that secure it. The applications that use it. The people who support it. So choose an experienced team, ultra-modern equipment, and secure data centers, in two financial capitals where trust is never a given – it’s earned. Since inception in 1996, Penta’s promise has never changed: your IT is in safe hands.

Trust first

Connecting people and technology, worldwide

Two financial centres. One connected team. Five business pillars.

Penta’s people span the timeless streets of Geneva to the soaring modernity of Dubai, two data-protected jurisdictions deeply woven into global finance, international business, and complex regulatory regimes. Yet the same quality of service applies to every customer, from the smallest startup to the largest institution. How? With five business pillars.

We got solutions for all your IT needs

Support that stays
up all night.

Never goes dark, even when it’s dark.

When you contact Penta, you’ll speak to someone who knows your name. A named expert on point for every problem. A Service Desk that watches over your business 24/7 across all timezones. And agreed processes for your business’s most critical success factors. Penta is never far away, even if you are.

Security, failsafe and futureproof.

A base layer that gets top priority

The wealth of your business may not be in gold and diamonds, but Penta takes the same approach as the most secure vault: bank-level security, no compromises. Your business data is wrapped in multiple protective layers, with every user and access point monitored 24/7 and constantly tested to negate threats before they happen. Secure data means a secure business.

Compliance for competitiveness.

A way through the regulatory maze.

Regulatory compliance and good governance aren’t ambitions, they’re essentials. Penta even delivers a yearly independent audit of your IT by EY (Ernst & Young) – at no extra cost to you. With decades of experience with financial, legal, and government clients, it is compliance built-in from the outset. Meaning your outsourced IT starts performing on Day 1.

Expertise as a Service

Keeping it professional, at all levels.

One size never fits all. Every customer is different, every setup is bespoke. Whatever mix of technologies delivers your business goals, Penta has the right team of specialists to build and maintain it. Not just IT as a service … but IT expertise as a service too.

Innovation as standard

Top technologies, chosen for success.

Critical IT deserves critical thinking. It asks two questions: what works? And what works best? Penta builds and maintains the most up-to-date solutions on the planet, with the latest technologies. But never forgets what technology is for: to make a positive transformation in your business. Innovation isn’t a buzzword. It’s a method.