Secure File Sharing

Share files easily and securely in the cloud with Penta’s SecureBox

If you are looking for a simple and safe way to store and share critical business data with your team, and do not wish to use publicly available software, Penta’s SecureBox is the ideal secure file sharing solution for you.
Secure File Sharing

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With Penta’s SecureBox you can take advantage of:

  • Private file storage in the cloud
  • Secure file sharing with recipients inside or outside your organisation
  • Automated backups and recovery behind-the-scenes
  • Version control and audit trails
  • Bank-level security and authorisation protocols
  • Compliance ready infrastructure (SOX, HIPAA, PCI, SSAE, GDPR, etc.)

Storing your files in SecureBox keeps them at your fingertips, without losing control. It lets you control versioning and forking with a full audit trail of who accessed what, when. With Penta’s SecureBox, you can share files to the right people without worrying which device they are using: PC or Mac, desktop or mobile. It is all about keeping your data where the right people can see it.

Learn more about our SecureBox secure file sharing solution by exploring our plans.

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