Penta Azure 365

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Penta Azure 365

The agile cloud solution for start-ups and SMEs

For many applications, a private cloud is the answer. Others work best in a public cloud infrastructure, like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure. But despite the marketing promises, these cloud-based software are not as easy to setup and manage as it seems. That is why we designed Penta Azure 365 as a simple solution to enable businesses to make the most out of these applications.

What is Penta Azure 365?

Penta Azure 365 adds a layer of service and support by Penta’s team of experts on top of public cloud solutions such as Office 365 or applications hosted on AWS, thus brining assurance and peace of mind to clients knowing that their IT is in safe hands.

With Penta Azure 365, your IT implementation gets the same level of attention as you would get with any of Penta’s dedicated private cloud implementations. That means the same always-on reliability, the same service and support, the same cost-effective options as a custom private solution.

Penta Azure 365 lets you focus on your core business, with security and availability outsourced to a name you trust. Penta Azure 365 performs for companies of all sizes but adds greatest advantage to SMEs.

Penta Azure 365 lets you run and manage apps like Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Exchange, secure your company’s mobile devices, protect your business from malware, secure your data and have backups retained for 90 days, in addition to the option of integrating with your VoIP switchboard and implementing virtual desktops.


Is Penta Azure 365 the right solution for you?

Penta Azure 365 is the right solution for you if:

  • You are a start-up or an SME looking to remain agile and cost effective when it comes to IT
  • You do not have an IT department
  • You struggle when it comes to setting up IT solutions for your business

You are looking for expert advice in designing a fool proof IT setup that does not require ongoing maintenance

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