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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

With more than 20 years’ experience in large-scale corporate IT infrastructure we custom design the solution that’s right for you. Extremely robust and secure infrastructure-as-a-service with a reputation for innovation, backed by 24/7 personal attention and service. Includes independent auditing for regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

Secure file sharing

Share files within your company and externally while keeping tight control of your files. You can even edit files directly in the web browser meaning nothing ever leaves your secure private cloud.

Application hosting

Private cloud managed hosting for your critical applications. Make sure your business is always running by leveraging the latest cloud computing technology without compromising on it security and service.

Financial services applications

Hosting of business critical IT for financial services with built in regulatory compliance and extremely high up-time guarantees. Specially built for private banks, trading houses, family offices and other sensitive industries.

Virtual desktop

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) means you can connect remotely to your desktop that is running on our secure servers.

Secure email

Always-on secure email infrastructure means that you will always be connected. With Penta’s proprietary hyper-redundant configuration you will never be without email again.

File systems and storage

End-to-end encrypted and secure data storage to any size and permission configuration. Full SSD, archive disks, and custom backup and retention schedule for cost-effective managed data storage. Ideal for corporate IT.

Complete business IT

Your IT is our business. We provide a full IT setup for any size company at one low monthly cost – a better service at a lower price than what it would cost for the equivalent in-house, guaranteed. Email, desktops, telephones, everything – outsource your company’s IT needs to the experts and focus on your own business.

IT support

Experience Swiss customer service from our highly trained service desk. Our highly qualified engineers don’t only solve your IT issues but actively seek out better solutions for your business. Good and relevant advice – your IT is simply taken care of.

Secure communications

Your own private Skype for Business and telephone PBX switchboard for secure communications, sophisticated call management, recording for auditing and training, and more.

Disaster recovery and backup

Sophisticated secure IT disaster recovery configurations with multiple geographically dispersed Tier-3 and -4 data centers in Switzerland and United Arab Emirates and Japan. Active-active replication ensure zero RPO and almost zero RTO.

On demand cloud

On-demand private cloud with Penta Express. Launch machines in minutes securely in Switzerland. Scale on the fly and optimize costs.

Why companies choose Penta


Bank-level data security, backed by experts and compliance auditing.

Better IT

Industry-leading IT products and services without the fuss.


IT that simply works – focus attention on your business.


Lower cost, better service. All the advantages with no compromises.

Financial Services

Built for private banks, trading houses, insurance brokers and family offices. FINMA, DFSA, PRU, SEC compliant. Read More


Hosting of sophisticated ERP systems and critical applications with extreme uptime requirements.


Secure and audited systems for the regulated healthcare sector. Meet compliance requirements at a fraction of the cost.


Multiple layers of security to protect your intellectual property combined with powerful servers instantly scalable to your needs.


Infinitely expandable storage with pay-as-you-use model. Fast SSD storage for active files and cost-efficient archive storage for the rest.

International NGOs

Headache-free IT with scalable operational cost with no up-front investment, ideal for international travel and dispersed offices.

Our Expertise

IT Service

IT is a tool that allows your people to do great work. If it doesn’t work, they can’t. That’s why our IT company has one priority – you. IT outsourcing with a difference. Read More

IT Security

IT security is our pedigree. Embedded security into every product, from secure email to data backups. The toughest IT infrastructure. Read More

IT Compliance

Regulatory compliance is costly and complicated. Go about your business with certified peace of mind, independently audited at no extra cost. Read More

IT Technical Expertise

You know your business, we know IT. Cloud computing, sophisticated IT infrastructure and great IT solutions. Read More

IT Innovation

We stay on top of the IT innovations that mean something for you. The latest IT security, better products, selecting the best IT solutions out there to deliver what matters the most for your business goals. Read More