Email Infrastructure

Always-on email
Email is the lifeblood of most organizations.
Penta recognizes that email must always be accessible no matter what other situations may arise.

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Email Infrastructure
AccessibilityRobust email infrastructureConstant monitoringRedundant connectivity


Penta hosted email accounts, calendars and contact books are accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Set it up once and all the information syncs perfectly between all devices.

Robust email infrastructure

The email infrastructure is built completely seperately from all other systems to ensure minimal interference and dependence.

There are complete email infrastructures in two geographically distant data centers so that if one fails for any reason, the other seamlessly takes over.

Constant monitoring

The entire email system is continuously monitored by specialist engineers who intervene at any sign of problems.

Redundant connectivity

Both data centers and email servers have multiple connections to the internet from different providers.

This ensures no single point of failure for an even more resilient system.