Full Business IT Solution

The one-stop IT shop
From single user home office setups to thousands of users with complex IT infrastructure.

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Data processing

  • Secure dedicated fiber connections
  • Secure remote working
  • Off-site backups and disaster recovery


Data protection

  • No exposure to uncertain legal jurisdictions
  • Independent penetration testing
  • Complete encryption to FIPS 140-2 standards

HR management

  • Network security engineers on-call 24/7/365
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam specialists
  • Staff vetting and continuous skills improvement

Penta cloud

Virtual private servers

Host almost any application on dedicated servers. Monitored around the clock, running in high availability with guaranteed uptime.

Application hosting

Microsoft Office, CRMs, intranet portals, ERP systems, file servers, websites, in-house or third party applications – it always runs.

Backups and disaster recovery

Built-in backup and custom disaster recovery plans to suit company security policies keeping your business working at all times.

Hybrid cloud and on-premise servers

Want to keep your IT in-house? Use our hybrid cloud solution for remote backup and restore, or real-time disaster recovery.

You continue to keep your data and servers in your own office, but benefit from Penta's full expertize.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Manage your own internet connections or let Penta manage your suppliers for you.

Your data can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection. Advanced compression technology ensures smooth access even in the most challenging connectivity situations.

Add a dedicated point-to-point fiber connection to your fixed offices for added speed and security.


Penta will connect to your existing network cabling and wireless setup or build a new one for you.

Our expert network and security engineers will make sure your data stays secure without loss of performance.

No more bad connectivity, wifi not-spots, unsecured data flows, and guests logging in and out with no access control.

End-user IT services

  • Always-up email
  • Secure file sharing internally and externally
  • Corporate telephone systems
  • Virtual desktops accessible form anywhere
  • Financial software from leading suppliers - or your own

Quality support

IT support the way it should be
Penta's dedicated and professional IT support team keeps your business running.

  • Full on-site support 5 days a week, 10 hours a day
  • 24/7 VIP and critical support
  • From basic end-user issues to complex infrastructure problems

End-user focus

At the end of the day it's about keeping you and your teams working to their full potential.
Benefit from leading IT systems and expert support to keep your business running.