IT Operations

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IT Operations
Main data centerContinuous replicationNormal modeCorporate main officeBackup data centerDisaster recovery mode

Main data center

The main data center is the primary location for all servers and data.

Within the main data center each piece of hardware and software is replicated to ensure redundancy.

Continuous replication

A high speed dedicated fiber optic connection ensures continuous replication and backups between the main data center and the backup data center.

A secondary backup connection with a different provider is also in place in case the primary connection fails.

Normal mode

During normal operation your main office is connected to the main data center through a dedicated fiber connection or Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Corporate main office

Your office and your staff can be located anywhere.

They remotely log in either through a dedicated fiber connection that runs to your office or through a secure Virtual Private Network from anywhere connected to the internet.

Backup data center

The backup data center is geographically separated from the main data center to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster that takes the main data center off line.

All hardware, software and data is replicated in the backup data center to ensure minimum-to-no loss of critical data or operating time.

Disaster recovery mode

In the event of the main data center or connection going off line, the system will either be automatically or manually switched over to Disaster recovery mode.

In Disaster recovery mode, the connections from the main office and elsewhere will automatically be routed to the backup data center for minimal data and time loss.