Secure Application Hosting

Guaranteed uptime
Make sure the applications that are crucial to your business are always running, no matter what.

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Secure Application Hosting
Your regular IT infrastructureYour companyCritical applicationHigh availability configurationDedicated connection

Your regular IT infrastructure

Keep your existing IT infrastructure running in parallel while your most business critical applications are taken care of by Penta ensuring:

  • high service level agreements
  • redundant infrastructure
  • full backup schedule and built-in disaster recovery
  • bank-level security and monitoring

Your company

With high-speed connectionsand remote connectivity, your business can be located anywhere.

Critical application

Any type of application can be hosted in Penta's private cloud infrastructure.

Ideal for:

  • Always-up email infrastructure
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Financial trading software
  • Portfolio management programs
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases

High availability configuration

The High Avaliability configuration means that every piece of the system is at least duplicated resulting in no single point of failure possible.

This ensures the highest possible uptimes, both for planned maintenance and for unforeseeable hardware failures.

Dedicated connection

Your company is connected through secure dedicated fiber connections leased specifically for the purpose of ensuring that your application is always accessible.

The connection is also backed up by a secondary line with a different provider to ensure complete redundancy in all situations.