Business-ready IT

New office or business?
Everything you need IT-wise from one supplier, no hassle. Pay for what you need and scale seamlessly as you grow.

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Business-ready IT
Your startupLocation and legalIT & communications

Your startup

Starting your business or setting up a new office generates huge task lists with everything needing to happen simultaneously.

Unburden yourself of one of the big ones and let Penta handle all your IT. With transparent and fixed operational costs, there's no investment needed.

If you need to scale up - or down - later, it's just an email away.

Location and legal

Two of your main practical concerns when starting a business are your physical offices and the legal steps needed.

Penta allows you to focus on the many other tasks while your IT and communications are completely taken care of.

IT & communications

Penta is your one-stop-shop for everything to do with your IT and communications needs.

No more dealing with multiple suppliers and worrying about the details of your systems - you can be confident that it just works.

And if it doesn't? That's our concern, not yours.