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Every pain, explained

It’s not about technology; it’s about what it does for your business. So if you’re not an expert, relax. Penta understands business drivers – your critical success factors, key performance indicators, the metrics and measures that make your business shine. Whichever of these questions matters most to you, here’s the answer.


Looking at your line items

Inhouse IT costs money. Hardware and software cost money. Keeping it up to date costs money. But for many businesses, the biggest factor in costs is predictability. What if your server dies in the night, taking business data with it? What if your needs grow faster than your capacity? Managed services, private clouds, and outsourced expertise let you turn variable costs into fixed ones. That’s what a partner like Penta can solve.

IT is complicated. Budgeting for IT is too, even for IT professionals.

In-house IT teams don’t have the breadth of experience or the economies of scale to be able to absorb the risks and exploit the opportunities the way that a dedicated IT company can. With Penta, you take all of that uncertainty and hand it over, for a single transparent and predictable payment with little or no initial investment.

Make the most of your staff investments

You need multiple experts in several domains, and keep them interested and motivated – although your business may have nothing to do with IT. Add to that the usual staffing complexities of training, retention and recruitment. Now, hand it all over to Penta.

Move the cost from Capex to Opex

Capital investment in IT requires years of forward planning to match the lifecycle of typical IT equipment and software. But your business doesn’t come with year-long guarantees to make those investment soundly. With Penta, you can pay for as you grow or slow, month to month – without risk.


Dependability, expertise, great customer service

Outsourced IT support only have one job – to satisfy you and fix your issues. When IT support IS your business, everything is made available to ensure this is possible. Like very specialized problems that calls for the type of expert you would rarely find in an in-house team. Or finding the solution you need without giving up. And just being there any time, just a phone call or email away.

The good ones work the way you work

There are a few ways that outsourced IT support can work. Sometimes an IT company will appoint a technician to work every day from your office. Or the technician is based in a call center on another continent. Penta provides the best of both. The availability and team expertise of a full remote support team AND the proximity of having an engineer nearby who speaks your language and can visit your office regularly. Tough to beat.

Concentrate on what you’re good at

It’s an old business rule: stick to what you’re good at, and outsource the rest. Penta has been helping companies in Europe and the Middle East focus on their core competencies for decades, by taking care of their IT. So let us take the strain. Your most valuable data, your most critical applications, even your complete technology infrastructure. Give yourself the space to shine.


Keeping what’s private locked away

You know your business data needs to be kept safe. But “data security” isn’t something layered on top: it starts with the first conversation. It’s a strategy, not a product. Penta keeps data safe for over 200 organisations, including sectors where it’s not an option like banking. Trusting your IT to a private cloud means security is a given, right from the start. 

Plan for it

Data security never ends. Threats are constantly evolving and as they are stamped out, new ones appear just as quickly. Constant vigilance is the only way to make sure your data is safe today and continues to be. With 24/7 monitoring systems, security specialists who are always learning the latest tricks, plus paid-for penetration testing by some of the best hackers are just some of the ways Penta stays on top of data security.


Keeping your data on the straight and narrow

Rules, regulations, red tape. Every business needs to deal with law and compliance – and as an IT partner recognized by numerous financial organizations, Penta has more experience than most. Compliance can be built into your applications and processes; management reporting and audit trails are available on schedule. Outsourced technologies like off-site apps and secure databases can keep you compliant – forever.

Let the experts handle it

Many businesses need to stay on top of their industry’s regulatory compliance requirements across a broad variety of areas. It could be money laundering, insurance regulations, building codes, worker safety and more. IT compliance almost always forms a part of this – hardly any business avoids handling data. Experts are hired to deal with each area – and IT is no different. Penta is able to scale IT compliance so that hundreds of business are covered by the same IT compliance reports. And you can simply tick it off your reporting list.

Compliance regulations basically define IT industry best practices, such as how private data is secured, how often and how long backups are kept, what plans are in place in case of disasters and so on. Penta has devised a set of compliance reports that satisfy the most stringent requirements from many regulators, tried and tested for more than 10 years. It is based on ISAE3402 reporting standards and compliance requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). If it’s good enough for Swiss banks, it’s good enough for everyone.

Technical Knowledge

Protecting people, privacy, and processes

An evolving economy. Capable competitors. Black Swan events that lurk in the shadows. Business continuity means facing business risk head-on. One way to mitigate business risk is to separate your business processes – the part you’re expert in – from the part you’re not, like IT services. Technologies like a private cloud keep your proprietary knowledge private and protected. Reducing risk hugely.

Giving you the right capacity, at the right time

No business is smooth all the time. The year has slow seasons and rush times; there’s a burst at the end of each quarter. Even in a single day, your IT needs can go up and down. With Penta and technologies like a private cloud, you can match what you use with what you’re paying for, and never feel squeezed. Let Penta help right-size your IT.

How can I offload the burden of keeping backups?


Motivating your people in times of change

IT means change. And change can be scary. But if you can show your people how it’ll make their lives easier and their jobs more productive, it changes the conversation. Taking applications and data offsite isn’t about jobs lost, it’s about business growth. So share the story of how it lets you focus on what you do best – while Penta worries about your IT.

Have people that are passionate about it

Like any profession, you can learn how to do it and then repeat it year in and year out. Or you can be passionate about it and constantly look for ways to make it even better. While you are passionate about your business, the people at Penta are passionate about IT. Part of Penta’s job is to constantly advise and help you make the right choices, based on decades of experience and daily dealings with hundreds of clients.

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