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March 22, 2018. | Data security

Important lessons for World Backup Day

Cloud backup

Backing up data to a remote server is the best way to protect against sudden data loss

Losing work to computer crashes can be frustrating and costly. But losing entire projects due to sudden hardware failure or malicious data attacks can cripple a business. 

And when faced with the unenviable task of repeating a job, it is not uncommon to wonder what more could be done to prevent this sort of incident happening again.

While no system is perfect, regularly backing up your data to a separate server is one way to mitigate the threat of sudden data loss, preventing the worst from happening.


March 31 marks the eighth annual World Backup Day. Having chosen the day before April Fool’s Day to hold the event, organisers hope to raise awareness on the issue of sudden data loss and urge everyone to better protect their data and documents, before it is too late.

World Backup Day’s founder, Ismail Jadun, said he hopes the tongue-in-cheek timing gets people to perform backups.

“We all know someone who has lost critical data. Hopefully this day will make everyone think about their situation, learn about the various options and get their files backed up.  I hope World Backup Day sparks conversations about the enormous task of saving our digital heritage for future generations.”


According to the World Backup Day team, as many as 30% of people have never performed a backup, and they estimate 29% of data disasters are actually caused by accidents.

And while the idea of losing a few hours’ work is undoubtedly bad, it is worth noting that even the cutting edge technology companies even get it wrong on occasion. For example, internationally renowned animation company Pixar was said to have lost a significant amount of the film Toy Story 2 while in development, thanks mainly to human error and not having adequate disaster recovery systems in place.

However, modern data recovery systems go a long way to preventing such costly losses.


Miguel Arrais, Senior Systems Engineer at Penta, says:

Miguel Arrais

Penta Senior Systems Engineer Miguel Arrais

“To most businesses, the data stored on any computer or device is far more valuable than the computer it is saved on, so making sure this is securely saved is of paramount importance.

“Penta’s systems back up our clients’ data on a daily basis – and even more often where required, storing important files and documents in our independently audited, secure data centers.”

Backing up

With a wealth of customisation options to suit any business’ specific needs, Penta’s disaster recovery tools ensure clients always have their files and data stored and accessible, even in the event of a catastrophic data loss in their own computers and devices. If the worst should happen, then Penta’s systems will ensure clients have full access to their most up-to-date files within 12 hours.

On top of this, these backups are kept for up to 10 years, ensuring the systems are fully compliant with the most stringent financial industry regulations.

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And it isn’t just digital data Penta keeps safe; physical media copies are stored in our ultra-safe Swiss bank vaults according to your company policies.

All this means there are no more late nights for employees who have to clean up after a data disaster. All you’ll need to do is contact Penta and your documents will be recovered within half a day.

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