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How to spot the latest phishing scams | Guide | Chapter III: Ultra-secure your business

Outsmart cyber vulnerabilities. After reviewing what phishing scams are, the different examples of cybercrimes committed by hackers, and their global impact, let’s move on to assessing how we can stay safe from these vulnerabilities. You can start with our aimed at sharing important prevention tips and testing your weaknesses regarding phishing scams.

Even if the risks associated with phishing scams are high for both employees and businesses, prevention and cybersecurity measures can help nurture safe habits online. Moreover, IT providers should send warnings and advice to partners and clients periodically.

Business wise-actions for securing assets, people, and processes.

Now, more than ever, companies should set in place new policies, technologies, and operations aimed at protecting and safeguarding data, workflows, and employees. Let’s assess some action steps:

  • Clear guidance and training sessions should be provided to employees working remotely and on-site for assuring that business-critical applications are running smoothly.
  • Leaders need to make sure that all corporate devices are equipped with the necessary security capabilities in terms of network management, endpoint protection, and encrypted communications.. 
  • Enforcing multi-factor authentication while also blocking exploits, malware and filtering malicious domain URLs should also be part of the prevention measures taken by companies and IT departments. 
  • Businesses should also work closely with their security departments and provide IT support ready to handle data vulnerabilities, breaches or just informing the employees of the latest scams and protective measures

Strategic people management techniques for a safer online & offline work environment

Individuals must be updated with the latest procedures and to follow cybersecurity action plans in order to ensure their work habits are safe. Also, they need to protect the integrity of the data and of the company assets they’re accessing. Here are our top 5 advice for companies, leaders and employees:  

  1. Using strong passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, using VPNs for secure connections and creating a set of rules in order to ensure a secure online communication is only a few steps that can help raise remote cybersecurity measures. 
  2. Updating systems and software is a mandatory action that needs to happen regularly due to the inclusion of the latest security patches developed. 
  3. Protecting the WIFI networks, locking the laptop after the workday is done, and staying up to date with the latest online scams can also bring an extra layer of security for the business. 
  4. Training employees to easily spot phishing scams, not accessing links directly from uncertain sources, or logging in with their credentials on unsecured websites. Individuals should always pay extra attention to unsolicited communications and go directly to the main website when uncertain about the provenience of messages.
  5. A disaster recovery solution is needed in case a cyberattack happens and the company’s assets are at risk or have been encrypted.

Your business data is wrapped in multiple protective layers,  but collaboration and communication are amongst the first ones at Penta. Wise business actions can kick-start the digital transformation towards an optimal working environment.

Capitalize on IT strengths for assuring flawless business continuity.

IT departments should stand between hackers and companies, making sure that each business is taking adequate precautions to address cyber threats. 

  • Data protection is an ongoing process, not a product. It requires industry-based business knowledge, compliance from leaders and employees, and extra vigilance to all possible vulnerabilities. 
  • One of Penta’s benefits is paid for penetration testing by some of the best hackers in the industry. This way you can make hackers work for you, not against you, and learn the best ways to approach cybersecurity for your specific business. 
  • Outsourcing your IT department has a high chance of safeguarding your data while also offering 24/7 IT support for any of your concerns. Company information is an asset for every business, therefore bank-level security and a team ready to take the strain is needed to protect it. Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can also be a solution for securing your business while also establishing the IT infrastructure needed for remote work.

As technology evolves, the phishing scams are getting better at impersonating entities and stealing sensitive information. But as much as it concerns us, it can also help us unwind. The cybersecurity business has never been more advanced at spotting and blocking scams. Moreover, individuals have never before owned access to this amount of concrete information and action steps aimed at safeguarding their online habits and company assets. 

The best way to address phishing scams and company vulnerabilities is through open dialogue between leaders, employees, and IT professionals. Together they can set in place rules and regulations meant to assure the safety of business processes, employees, and data. 

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be a buzzword, but a method to unleash your business’ potential

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