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February 01, 2019. | Data security, Infrastructure, News

What Microsoft Azure means for your business

Microsoft recently launched its Azure set of cloud computing services which feature a range of security-conscious apps that the US technology giant claims are accessible to all – from small start-ups to huge multinationals.

Features include web apps – such as its office suite of products – as well as streaming services, plus Azure allows businesses to set up virtual private networks and develop mobile apps through its systems.

One-stop shop

As a Microsoft trusted partner, Penta has started to roll-out Azure to its clients, providing a one-stop shop for all their computing needs regardless of whether they have just started out or if they are looking to secure their operations in the face of tightening legislation around the world.

For businesses looking to the future, Azure allows you to bring the Internet of Things to any device without the need to change the infrastructure in the first place.


With everything living in the cloud managed in one place too, users can wave goodbye to having to continually update or buy newer versions of applications and programmes, while Azure servers also offer enough storage space to meet the needs of any business’ activities – even the most data-hungry ones.

Other benefits of moving to the cloud include allowing certain programmes and documents to be viewed and worked on by multiple people at once, ending the need to having to email revisions to your colleagues all the time. Plus, with only one account needed to access all services, the days of needing to remember several usernames and passwords are numbered.

Azure also helps companies be more efficient, as Dr Robert K. Griffiths, Head of High Performance Computing at MUFG bank, explains: “I can now manage 750 machines in Azure on weekdays and a thousand on weekends. Plus an extra 300 production machines on-prem. And that’s all done by one person.”


With Microsoft’s new datacentres in Switzerland, you can be sure you know where your company’s data is at one time, too, plus Microsoft claims it has more than 70 compliance ratings around the world – ensuring it meets more regulatory standards than any of its competitors.

And with Penta’s ‘no deviations noted’ compliance rating following a year-long independent audit, you can be sure your company’s data is in safe hands with us, too.

A ‘no deviations noted’ rating is the top award for the ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402 certificates and Penta was assessed by internationally recognised auditor Ernst & Young for its performance in 2017.

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The purpose of these assurance reports is to provide businesses, and their clients, with an objective report which expresses an opinion about the control environment of a service organisation.

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