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Safeguarding your most valuable asset: Penta CEO’s data security insights

In the digital age, data reigns supreme. But with great power comes great responsibility – especially when it comes to protecting this vital asset. 

In a recent interview with the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (known as the CCIG), Farhad Khalilnia, Founder and CEO of Penta, discusses the current challenges and solutions surrounding data security for businesses.

Watch the full interview here [in French, English subtitles available].

Data is uniquely precious

Khalilnia emphasizes the paramount importance of viewing data as a company’s most valuable possession. 

He stresses the need for robust security measures, stating, “For me, the data of a company is the asset of a company. It’s vital to ensure it’s safe from cyber attacks. That means it’s important to have it in a secure place.”

When in doubt, seek out the best

However, not every company has the resources or expertise to single-handedly build an impenetrable fortress around their data. 

“It isn’t possible for all companies to single handedly protect themselves from attacks. For instance, perhaps there isn’t the financial capacity or skills,” Khalilnia points out. 

This is where outsourcing to trusted data management experts like Penta comes in. Khalilnia adds: “A local trusted private Cloud company, like Penta, can provide them with infrastructure and bank-level security at a very affordable cost.”

People – the key to cyber protection

Cybersecurity isn’t just about firewalls and encryption. Khalilnia emphasizes that it’s also about building a culture of awareness among employees. 

Khalilnia highlights the crucial role of employee training: “How do you protect yourself? It is very simple because we know that most attacks come from inside a company, so it’s important to raise awareness among your employees and train them so that their digital behavior is as prudent as possible.”

Navigating the cloud: How to choose the right fit

The cloud offers endless possibilities, but navigating the different options can be tricky. 

Khalilnia delves into the distinctions between public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. He has a useful analogy for this: the public clouds are like huge out-of-town stores that serve everyone, but don’t offer much in the way of personal relationships. Meanwhile, a private cloud is part of the neighborhood, convenient, and where you have relationships with the people who serve you.

As a private cloud, Penta is proud to be closer to its users, offering a more personalised service compared to large, public cloud players.

“In public clouds,” he says, “you can find companies like Amazon or Google, which are foreign companies and which have data centers and hosting centers, all over the world. A private cloud, on the other hand, is provided by a service provider, located nearby, and which provides a much better level of relationship as well as offering personalized services to its customers.”

What makes Switzerland a digital stronghold?

Penta’s data hosting center is located in Geneva in the former Stock Exchange, and this is no accident. Mr. Khalilnia understands the myriad advantages to storing data in Switzerland.

“Switzerland has certain advantages over other countries, such as an ultra-modern infrastructure, world-class technologies as well as a very reliable telecommunications network and of course, political stability,” he says.

He also highlights the recent data protection law in Switzerland, which provides a favourable legal framework for companies that store their data there. “It’s important to understand that the data protection law protects companies that have their data stored in Switzerland, especially if this data is hosted and stored by a Swiss company, like Penta, which would prevent the leakage of its data abroad.”

Khalilnia believes that while Switzerland’s position is strong now, things stand to get even better: “With its data storage advantages, Switzerland has the opportunity to regain its status as unparalleled guardian—this time not with banking, but with data. This is thanks to the culture of Switzerland which is anchored in Switzerland as confidentiality, discretion and a first-class service.”

Protecting your data, investing in your future

Protecting your company’s most valuable asset shouldn’t be a gamble. Let Penta, your trusted data security partner in Switzerland, help you build a robust defense against cyber threats. Contact us today and discover how we can tailor a bank-level security solution for your unique needs.

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