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The rise of the machines: how GPT-3.5 has enhanced Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams adopted AI tools from the open AI platform Chat GPT in February 2023, using GPT-3.5 – the latest version of the language-generating programme – to create exciting new features for its Teams Premium service.

Arming Teams Premium with GPT-3.5 has allowed the addition of AI-driven meetings features, such as intelligent recap, chapter creation, and notes and live translation to upgrade digital meetings, with additional security features such as watermarking and end-to-end encryption allowing for greater confidence that meetings are also secure and private.

Intelligent recap tools

Teams Premium’s intelligent recap tools allow for the AI-powered generation of notes and action points from a meeting.

And additional features such as chapter and heading creation – where AI generates titles and section descriptions live as the meeting takes place or after the fact from its transcripts – allow for greater clarity and efficiency during and after meetings.

Teams Premium also provides other efficiency enhancing features such as the pinpointing of highlights from the meeting, and personalized meeting highlights for specific users (which only that user can see), helpful when recapping the meeting, with the personalized service available even for those who didn’t attend.

And other features, such as individual timeline markers showing when a user joined or left a meeting, allow attendees to easily find sections of the meeting that they may have missed or wish to recap, allowing these moments to be accessed swiftly.

Timeline markers are sensitive enough to be able to jump to places in the meeting when a specific name was mentioned, or an individual’s screen was shared.

Live translation

Teams Premium also utilizes GPT-3.5’s immense language capacity, offering live, real-time translation during meetings.

Captions in over 40 languages are available as the meeting takes place, allowing international conferences to run smoothly and efficiently.

And only the meeting organizer needs to have Teams Premium for the language feature to work for all participants.

Enhanced privacy

GPT-3.5 has also increased the security of Teams Premium meetings, with features such as the watermarking of video and documents shared, and options to limit participants ability to copy and paste chats within the meeting, intended to deter inappropriate information sharing and leaks.

And for meetings of more than 50 participants, IT-enabled users can activate end-to-end encryption, offering even greater security.  

The Teams of the future

Teams Premium’s utilization of GPT-3.5 has clearly placed it ahead of the competition, allowing the service to offer a truly premium experience of hosting and attending virtual meetings, with convenient and easy to use new features and advanced security abilities revolutionizing the future of the digital meetings world.

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