Dubai’s MORO Hub data center

DEWA’s MORO Hub represents a large investment in Dubai’s data economy, one which Penta is proud to be a part of.

Dubai’s digital service market has a new key player with a large stake in the region, and it is a company which Penta has identified as a valuable partner.

UAE infrastructure giant Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) is opening its new venture, the Dubai-based MORO data centre, and the world-class development is getting some serious attention in the region.

Data development

Companies leasing space in the region’s newest data development include computing giant Dell, digital business enabler SAP, plus government departments and Penta.

Backed up by advanced security surveillance and seven levels of security checkpoints to ensure would-be hackers cannot access the MORO Hub’s digital content, DEWA’s approach to data security and connectivity has many similarities to Penta’s, which is one reason why Penta decided to strike up a partnership with DEWA.


As well as providing first-class IT infrastructure to Penta’s clients, the MORO Hub will also offer other business solutions, such as local call centre and office space, ensuring clients have quality support to back up the impressive IT infrastructure.

With secure, private, high-speed data connections for each business, Penta’s clients in the Middle East should be confident their programs and files will load, save and update faster than ever before.

High quality services

Farhad Khalilnia founder and CEO of Penta said this is an ‘ideal opportunity’ to extend the company’s footprint in the UAE:  

“For Penta, the partnership is all about working with a trusted name to provide high quality services to our clients.”

“The MORO Hub hosts high quality cloud services for government and large business customers. It has has been set up by DEWA, a very prominent entity in the city, in order to offer data centre services to Government and major business clients here.

“The development of the MORO Hub is a very strategic move, one which enables Penta to showcase our partnership with a very prominent name in the Dubai International Financial Centre.”

The MORO data hub has been established as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, planned to ‘make the UAE one of the most innovative countries in the world,’ DEWA said last year. The company has also built an AI-based command centre to monitor and control its infrastructure, including the electricity grid.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, said: “To diversify DEWA’s investment portfolio, we have established MORO, which provides integrated data centre solutions to use the latest disruptive technologies and keep pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to deliver secure, reliable, and scalable cloud solutions and support the UAE’s digital transformation.”


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