“No deviations noted” in ISAE 3402 audit by EY

Penta was issued with an ISAE 3402 report noting no deviations after a year-long independent audit by EY (Ernst & Young).

EY The International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402 Type 2 audits are a unique proposition that allow Penta’s private cloud services to be used in sensitive sectors such as IT for banking and finance, healthcare and government. The audits can be presented to regulatory bodies as corroboration that the industries’ IT compliance requirements are met.

The 17-point control audit covers key aspects of Penta’s operations, including security measures, data protection, environmental controls and service level agreements. Penta clients can use the audit for their own reporting requirements, resulting in significant savings in audit costs and from aligning their IT operations to stringent regulator requirements.