Penta announces partnership with authentication specialist Duo

Whether it be with online banking services, travel agents or even social media accounts, multi-factor authentication is becoming more important, and more common.

Always looking to provide its clients with the most secure service possible, Penta has partnered with security expert Duo to provide extra layers of coverage to its services.

Founded in 2010 Duo, provides authorisation and access verification services to companies including Facebook, Toyota and Kayak.


Its services include two-factor authentication – where a user receives a code, typically by text or email, to input when logging in to a secure website – multi-factor authentication, where each user is verified, one-time log-ins and adaptive authorisation, where barriers can be put in place to stop malicious access attempts.

Barriers include geoblocking, allowing you to limit the threats from specific countries, while you can also block users attempting to access the website or secure documents using the Dark Web.

With so much confidential data handled online, security is key, so the added benefits these services will bring will add extra piece of mind to Penta’s clients and thus their customers. Duo’s data dashboards allow you to measure and monitor your company’s risk of getting phished from one main control centre.

Highest risk

And with employees working remotely using their own devices, it may not come as a surprise that in a survey of 100 UK IT leaders, Duo found 58% of respondents believed network access from non-corporate and personally-owned devices, such as laptops, desktops or mobile phones, was the highest risk in managing remote users.

As such, this is an area which the company is focusing efforts on. Richard Archdeacon, Duo Advisory CISO, said: “Enterprise mobility is one of the biggest IT security challenges and personal devices are a massive blind spot. If you do not know what is connecting to the network, how can you protect data from being compromised? What is clear from this is decision makers still do not feel comfortable with the sea of devices entering the workplace.”

Duo tools

In addition to the various authorisation and authentication tools at its disposal, Duo offers an Endpoint Visibility tool. This allows you to check your users’ devices meet your security standards before granting them access, helping you protect your business from the threats posed by vulnerable or potentially compromised endpoints.

In real-time, IT managers can highlight risky devices at the click of a button, while Duo also flags up any tampered devices, indicating those which have been rooted, jailbroken or failed background safety checks.

For instance, the system can display users with out-out-date hardware, security software or any apps which are attempting to access a webpage or portal in real-time, differentiating between corporate and personal machines.


And if all this sounds complicated, then fear not. The company makes a point of spelling out its features in handy guides, easily available online.


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