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​​Almost every organization needs IT to run effectively. But it can be complex and daunting to find what works for you. Penta provides IT solutions for every type of industry, from just a couple of staff to enterprises of thousands. After more than 20 years of experience, Penta has found everyone needs the same foundations: that’s why all plans are built on Penta’s five pillars: Service, Security, IT Governance, Technical Expertise and Innovation.

​​Whatever your challenges, Penta has a plan that solves them.

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Business Cloud

Your IT function, outsourced to suit

In-house IT isn’t for everyone. But nor is the public cloud, with the security issues of sharing space with a thousand others jurisdiction clarity is a good differentiator. Maybe your team is tight and focused and you want to stay that way, without worrying about your data. For companies like yours, there’s Business Cloud.

Business Cloud puts your whole IT department in a secure, private infrastructure – a cloud customised for you. Applications, data, Service Desk, even a virtual CTO. Everything you’d get from a fully-staffed IT department, with greater capacity and near-zero downtime. You use as much of it as you want, when you want. And it can grow with you.

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After all, the safest way to move your data around is not to move it. Business Cloud keeps it in your private cloud at all times; you “visit” your data without it ever leaving, with proven applications like Microsoft Office  and Microsoft Exchange email  integrating with cloud storage  and communications tools like VoIP  and Virtual Desktop.

All of course with bank-level security  and the bonus of IT governance and audits. That’s Business Cloud. No shared services, no public access, clear data jurisdiction with the bonus you can access it anywhere from different devices. Giving you access to all your IT, wherever you are, without the risk.


Corporate Cloud

Enterprise-scale infrastructure, hands-on control

Some businesses (and not just larger ones) need more control over their IT. Whether it’s for legal reasons, complex requirements, or sector-specific applications that need specialist expertise, these companies need to stay hands-on. A Corporate Cloud solution gives you that control.

Corporate Cloud does it with a full-blown custom build, tweaked to the n’th degree and ready to handle the heaviest, hardest-to-predict computing workloads. And that’s the point. Capacity can grow and shrink with your busy times, but your costs stay smooth, with premium customer service and solid SLAs to guarantee business continuity.

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Corporate Cloud scales to the enterprise. With database hosting. Custom applications. Long-term backups. Disaster recovery procedures. All in the most secure private cloud imaginable, the same technology you’ll find in top financial institutions. Kept up-to-date for you.

It’s a private cloud customized for you, ready for whatever third-party software  you need. Ready for enterprise-scale applications with bank-level security  and governance  built-in. If you want precise hands-on control 24 hours a day, but also want the security and availability of an outsourced infrastructure, ask Penta about Corporate Cloud.


Penta Azure 365

Your apps, from Azure to AWS

For many applications, a private cloud is the answer. Others work best in a public cloud infrastructure, like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure. But despite the marketing promises, these public clouds aren’t as easy as opening an app.

That’s the reason for Penta Azure 365. Bringing Penta expertise and assurance to apps in the public clouds operated by Amazon or Microsoft. Whether it’s Office 365 for all or a sector-specific app for a few, Penta Azure 365 manages your software implementation with the same attention you’d get in one of Penta’s own data centers.

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That means the same always-on reliability, the same service and support, the same cost-effective options as a custom private solution. Letting you excel in the tasks you’re best at, with security and availability outsourced to a name you trust. Penta Azure 365 performs for companies of all sizes, but adds greatest advantage to SMEs.

It lets you manage apps like Office 365 , Microsoft Teams , and Microsoft Exchange email , across categories including communications , security , and cloud storage . With Penta expertise on-demand – and that’s just the start. Contact Penta today to book your solution.


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