Corporate Cloud

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Corporate Cloud

Enterprise-scale, custom-built IT infrastructure with hands-on control

More and more enterprises are choosing to move to the cloud and outsource their IT infrastructure to trusted IT service providers while retaining full control, and even management. The benefits are obvious, from cost and time savings, to reliability, service, security and compliance. That is why we designed Penta’s Corporate Cloud as a bespoke solution to help our clients reap those benefits and focus on what really matters.

What is Penta’s Corporate Cloud?

Penta’s Corporate Cloud plan is a highly customised enterprise-scale IT infrastructure, designed and built to match your exact requirements and your growth plans. With Penta’s Corporate Cloud you get your data and applications hosted on dedicated infrastructure and servers that can be managed by you or by Penta, all with built-in compliance, guaranteed uptime with SLA, bank-level security, and backup and disaster recovery measures.

Our engineers and solution architects are experienced in designing, planning, implementing your IT infrastructure and tweaking it to the n’th degree to handle the heaviest, hardest-to-predict computing workloads and bandwidths.


Is Corporate Cloud the right solution for you?

Corporate Cloud is the ideal solution for you if:

  • You are looking to optimise your IT costs and make them more predictable and manageable
  • You have to meet strict and complex compliance requirements that are hard to track
  • Your IT department is shorthanded, and you have no plans to hire
  • You need guaranteed uptime backed by SLAs
  • You need 24/7 monitoring and management of your private cloud
  • You need backup and disaster recovery as services


Benefits of using Penta’s Cloud Solutions

Cost Reduction

Inhouse IT costs money. Hardware and software cost money. Keeping it up to date costs money. But for many businesses, the biggest factor in costs is predictability. What if your server dies in the night, taking business data with it? What if your needs grow faster than your capacity? Managed services, private clouds, and outsourced expertise let you turn variable costs into fixed ones. That is what a partner like Penta can solve.


You know your business data needs to be kept safe. But “data security” is not something layered on top: it starts with the first conversation. It is a strategy, not a product. Penta keeps data safe for over 200 organisations, including sectors where it is not an option like banking. Trusting your IT to a private cloud means security is a given, right from the start.


Every business needs to deal with law and compliance – and as an IT partner recognized by numerous financial organizations, Penta has more experience than most. Compliance can be built into your applications and processes; management reporting and audit trails are available on schedule. Outsourced technologies like off-site apps and secure databases can keep you compliant – forever.

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We got you covered

Custom-built IT infrastructure designed and maintained by Penta’s team of IT experts.


Managed or Unmanaged Private Cloud


Built-In Regulatory Compliance


Hardened Security


Assigned Account Manager


24/7 Critical and VIP Support

Explore Case Studies

Read more about private cloud use cases through these case studies of some of our clients:

The Large Bank

Our client is a regulated major bank in the United Arab Emirates. For this project, Penta worked in close partnership with a world-class international fintech software developer to implement a sophisticated wealth portfolio management system on a dedicated, secure and redundant infrastructure.

Penta Case Study The healthcare sector IT provider scaled

Healthcare Sector IT Provider

The company previously relied on a globally known telecoms company to provide data center and IT infrastructure services, but after years of unsatisfactory uptime and service, decided to look for a more specialized infrastructure provider that matched their needs.

Penta Case Study The international tax advisory

International Tax Advisory

The company needs to maintain an efficient and secure IT infrastructure that both granular data control to limit access to only the necessary persons as well as sharing capabilities, and being able to connect from geographically distant and remote locations.

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