Backup and disaster recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery

Make the best of it when the worst happens

Nobody thinks about backups – until they’re needed. And by then, it’s too late. Penta can do that thinking for you – with custom backup and recovery options for all your data, across every part of your business. It’s a lot more complicated than taking a daily snapshot of your database – but relax: Penta does complicated every day.

Use Backup and Disaster Recovery to:

  • Provide Business Continuity if the worst happens
  • Maintain records and audit compliance
  • Recover from business-killing incidents without pain
  • Keep customer data – and your own data – safe

Keeping multiple backups across multiple locations means even Black Swan events won’t stop your business in its tracks: recovery to an agreed state (RPO, or Recovery Point Objective) and the time it takes to recover (Recovery Time Objective) are both flexible and customisable. Which means your business stays functional through even the worst of times. It’s all at Penta.

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