Cloud on Demand

Cloud Storage

Cloud on Demand

Your cloud, the way you want it

Perhaps the peak of Penta services is cloud on demand: precisely what you want, customised to the needs of your business. It’s your private IT infrastructure in the cloud, to do what you want with – no matter how much capacity or complexity that means.

Use Cloud on Demand for:

  • Any application, any platform – Virtual machines in the volumes you want
  • Scaleable services that expand and contract with your needs
  • Tier 3+ ISO 27001-certified data centers in Switzerland and Dubai

What does that mean? A virtual machine the size and shape you want, available instantly from dozens of templates that work. It means a computing infrastructure on par with Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure or the Google Cloud, that can scale up or down as your demand does … with the competitive pricing that comes from only paying for what you need. The possibilities are endless.

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