IT as a Service

Support and Hardware Management

IT as a Service

Your team, Penta’s expertise

When you think IT, you think hardware: big boxes, expensive equipment. With Penta it doesn’t have to be that way. You can outsource your entire IT function – hardware, software, service and support – to one of our global data centers, taking advantage of decades of experience.

Use IT as a Service to:

  • Outsource your whole IT infrastructure
  • Pay only for the IT you need
  • Take advantage of security and compliance know-how
  • Take IT worries out of the equation

Penta offers two flavours of IT as a Service: Shared and Dedicated. In Shared, your servers and applications are virtualised – a secure and private space for your software, riding on shared hardware in a Penta data center. It’s fast, efficient, and extremely economical. For the most demanding applications, choose Dedicated instead, where “your” hardware is physically separated from any other company’s infrastructure. Both offer benefits. Just ask.

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