Managed IT support

Support and Hardware Management

Managed IT support

Keeping your inhouse infrastructure smooth

Even if you own your infrastructure, Penta can own your problems. Trained experts on a state-of-the-art Service Desk can answer calls, log issues, and solve queries from your people quickly and efficiently. And that can include third party contracts, like your web connection or outsourced software.

Use Penta Managed IT Support for:

  • New equipment setup
  • Mobile and laptop selection
  • User issues troubleshooting
  • Hardware and software consultancy

Managed IT Support operates as an extension of your own IT department, acting as colleagues. And it’s about more than solving trouble tickets. Penta can help avoid problems before they arise, by advising on hardware and software choices plus policies like security. Take ownership of your issues .. by letting Penta own them on your behalf.

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