Managed Private Cloud

Cloud Storage

Managed Private Cloud

Your own trusted infrastructure, offsite

A private cloud gives you all the potential of a pricey server room and inhouse team – without the need to maintain either. Think of it as having full access to your data, at all times … without that data ever leaving its secure haven in a Penta data center.

Use Managed Private Cloud to:

  • Run your own IT infrastructure, offsite – Maintain a full IT department without people inhouse
  • Keep data accessible across all devices
  • Maintain compliance with ease

Managed Private Cloud uses virtual desktops to bring your applications and data – backed up by immense computing capacity – to every desktop, laptop, and mobile device in your organization, all protected by the same super-strength security and encryption. It’s a way to keep all your data in one safe place … while giving full access to everyone who needs it.

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