Penta SecureBox


Penta SecureBox

Secure hosting, simple benefits

Sometimes, the best solutions are simple. You’re not ready for a custom application or outsourced IT function: you just want a safe way to share and store critical business data, among all your authorised employees, wherever they are in the world. That’s the mission of Penta SecureBox.

Use SecureBox to:

  • Store private files in the cloud
  • Grant access to those who need them
  • Enjoy backups and recovery behind-the-scenes
  • Maintain security with bank-level authorisation protocols

Storing your files in SecureBox keeps them at your fingertips, without losing control. It lets you control versioning and forking with a full audit trail of who’s accessed what, when. And you can share files to the right people without worrying which device they have to hand: PC or Mac, desktop or mobile. It’s all about keeping your data where the right people can see it.

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