Secure communications


Secure communications

Communicate with confidence, every time

IT is about more than computers. These days it’s phone calls, voicemail storage, real-time chat, and a host of other applications. Penta can bring all those channels together, from voice calls to typed Skype chats – and unify them while keeping every word secure.

Use Secure Communications to:

  • Keep all communications channels secure
  • Unify messaging across channels
  • Bring different communications together
  • Share address books and directories

Penta can unify traditional corporate telephony, like your PBX, with IT stalwarts like email, giving you options like seeing your voicemails in your email inbox. You can synchronise address books across all channels, saving you the trouble of keeping separate email and phone directories. While Skype for Business lets your people chat in real time – without security worries. Try it today.


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