VMWare vCloud Suite

Cloud Storage

VMWare vCloud Suite

Trusted infrastructure in the cloud

VMWare is a trusted solution for “virtualising” an IT infrastructure: carving out a private space in a shared facility for separating and securing your data and applications from anyone else’s. And Penta offers it in both its global data centers – giving you the confidence of a clear legal jurisdiction as well as a market-proven software suite.

Use VMWare vCloud Suite to:

  • Virtualise your IT infrastructure
  • Keep full control over your data and apps
  • Enjoy clear legal jurisdiction

Maintain data compliance at all times Think of VMWare vCloud Suite as a data center of your own, defined by software in the cloud. No need to maintain a physical infrastructure … because you’ve got total control over a virtual one. With all the safeguards, security, and support every Penta customer can expect. Let’s talk!

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