SecureBox Corporate File Sharing

SecureBox – secure file sharing

The corporate secure file sharing platform, hosted in Switzerland. Backup and access your data anywhere, view, sync and share – all under your control.

secure file sharing

Secure your data

Bank-level authentication.
Know where your data is, guaranteed.
Ideal for backup and data recovery requirements.

Your files everywhere

Desktop and web clients for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Changes on one device automatically replicate across all.

file sharing
file sharing

Share and control

Share with people inside or outside your company. Set unique passwords, expiry dates, edit and download permissions for each file and folder.

Long-term backup and data recovery

Instantly meet data protection and backup legal requirements with up to five-year data backup and recovery options.

corporate file sharing

Extendable apps

Add in-browser email, document editing and also your own vertical application, like ERPs and CRMs – all while maintaining complete security.