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Have something particular that you want from your IT? Apart from complete IT service packages, Penta also provides single-service solutions to address that one thing you need to get covered.

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Single-service Solutions

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Microsoft Exchange Email

Get secure, compliant, enterprise-grade email overnight. Pay-per-mailbox with everything included like IT support, setup, backups, infinitely configurable and customizable email. All based on the market leading Microsoft Exchange Server solution.

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Secure File Sharing

Secure corporate file sharing finally solved. Want to share files securely within your organization and outside, with clients perhaps? Penta has developed the right solution for you, with none of the downsides of the usual public options.


IT Backup and Disaster Recovery

IT backups and disaster recovery is a lot of work with little up-front reward. Let Penta take the headache away straight away. Everything is included like scenario planning, remote backups, decade-long retention on file-specific recovery when needed. At one predictable flat-rate cost.

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Corporate Telephony

Run switchboards from three people to corporate-size entities with thousands of connections. All internet-based with high quality calls, endless features like voice recording and queues – and cheap internet VoIP international calling.

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IT Support

First-class IT support any time you need it. Penta does not outsource to another country the most important part of its business – customer service. That’s why all IT engineers are in-house and highly qualified from the moment they pick up the phone or answer the first email.

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