Financial Services

Compliant IT for financial services

Regulatory compliant IT infrastructure for financial services, with regulator-ready embedded auditing.


Financial pedigree

With roots in one of the world’s financial capitals Penta has specialized in providing IT services to the financial sector for almost two decades.

Banks, private banks, family offices, investment houses – they all trust Penta to provide stable and secure IT infrastructure that meets their regulatory requirements and the high expectations of their own clients.

Financial IT Services

Full service IT outsourcing
Business-critical application hosting
Disaster recovery and business continuity setups
Financial software integration

Regulatory compliance

Built for financial services
IT auditing for regulatory compliance is completely taken care of. One less thing to worry about.

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Independent compliance auditor

Penta entire infrastructure and methodologies are audited by third-party independent auditors every year.

The auditor is always one of the Big Four auditing companies and is changed regularly to ensure independence.

The lastest audits were performed by EY (Ernst & Young).

Auditing and audit report

Penta takes care of the whole auditing process:

  • Sourcing the requirements from the financial regulator
  • Interpreting and defining the auditing requirements
  • Commissioning and producing the independant auditors report

The financial regulator and you

You simply hand over the ready-packaged auditor's report to your financial regulator knowing that all the IT requirements for your industry have been met, with no hassle and at no extra cost.

Independent Auditing

Penta’s entire infrastructure is audited yearly by EY (Ernst & Young) to international standards (ISAE 3402 Type 2). The audits meet all major financial regulators’ IT compliance requirements, and are available to every client for compliance needs and peace of mind.

Data Processing

Secure dedicated fiber connections between offices and data centers. Remote connectivity secured by VPN and multi-factor authentication. Continuous off-site backups and disaster recovery in any required configuration.

Data Protection

Clear ownership structures with no exposure to uncertain legal jurisdictions. Independent penetration testing by rotating external cyber security experts. Data-at-Rest, Data-in-Use, and Data-in-Motion encryption to FIPS 140-2 standards.

HR Management

Team of network security engineers on-call 24/7/365. Specialists dedicated to anti-virus systems and spam blocking. Staff vetting, monitored on-boarding and continuous skills improvement.