Penta BaaS – Backup as a Service

Penta BaaS – Backup as a Service

Future-Proof Data Protection Solution


Every business needs to back up its data, whether it be for protection, long-term storage, or quick recovery in the case of disaster. With the recent surge in data breaches and ransomware attacks, data protection has become mission critical and a top priority for every business. Most companies look for backup solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and worry-free, and that is why we designed Penta BaaS.

Penta BaaS is an industry-leading Backup-as-a-Service solution for data protection, designed to meet the needs of modern businesses of all sizes. Penta BaaS offers fast and reliable backup and replication of your entire IT environment to the cloud of your choice, or to Penta’s secure data centers in two of the world’s major financial capitals, Geneva, Switzerland and DIFC, Dubai, UAE.

Key Features

Backup and Replication

With the power of the cloud there is no need to build a dedicated on-site data repository or hire staff to maintain it. Penta BaaS takes care of backing up your entire IT environment including data and applications, across physical, virtual and cloud resources.

Business Continuity

Penta BaaS was designed with scalability and instant recovery in mind, enabling businesses to scale without worrying about data protection, and to survive any storm with near-zero recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Ransomware Protection

While no one can fully prevent a cyberattack, secure backup, coupled with rapid recovery, remains the last line of defense against ransomware attacks. To achieve the highest levels of security and compliance on backups, Penta BaaS uses immutable backups on hardened zero-trust repositories preventing modifications or encryption. In addition, whenever a backup is being restored it gets automatically scanned to verify that it is safe and free from malware.

Backup for the Modern Workplace

We understand the dynamic nature of the modern workplace, from remote work to geographical spread, real-time collaboration, and advanced tools. Penta BaaS is designed to provide comprehensive coverage whilst operating seamlessly and maintaining the productivity of your teams.

Backup Operations

Penta BaaS provides a powerful yet easy-to-use dashboard to manage and monitor backup operations. From installing backup agents and creating jobs to managing policies and schedules, and accessing reports and analytics.

With Penta BaaS’s AI-driven data management you get access to built-in intelligence to help you identify and resolve common problems before operational impact. You also get advanced visibility into operational costs, usage rates and future resource requirements.

Penta’s Data Centers

While Penta BaaS can work seamlessly with the cloud provider of your choice, the solution is best suited to using the dedicated repositories at our secure data centers in Geneva and Dubai. You can always rely on Penta’s data centers for high availability with customized SLAs, predictable costing, compliance-ready infrastructure (SOX, HIPAA, PCI, SSAE, GDPR, etc.), and first-class service and support.

Managed Services

Penta BaaS is available as a self-managed solution or as a managed service looked after by our team of seasoned IT experts. Our team will manage the solution for you from end to end, starting with the implementation, on-going operation, and mission-critical support that is available 24x7x365 in the event of a disaster.

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Healthcare Sector IT Provider

The company previously relied on a globally known telecoms company to provide data center and IT infrastructure services, but after years of unsatisfactory uptime and service, decided to look for a more specialized infrastructure provider that matched their needs.

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The company needs to maintain an efficient and secure IT infrastructure that both granular data control to limit access to only the necessary persons as well as sharing capabilities, and being able to connect from geographically distant and remote locations.

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