Web and Application Filtering

Web and Application Filtering

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One of the more common ways for an attacker to launch a cyber attack on a business is by targeting employees through the applications and websites that they browse while on the company network. If you are not in control of what your employees are accessing while online, you are open to potential risks.

Web filtering is an effective way to restrict users from visiting inappropriate or potentially harmful websites, content or applications.

With Penta’s web and application filtering product, you can take full control of your organization’s internet traffic. You decide what websites, services and applications are needed to run your business properly, and which have the potential to expose your business to botnets, ransomware, data leaks and any other type of dangerous internet activity.

Penta’s web filtering service provides comprehensive threat protection to tackle common threats like credential theft, ransomware and phishing. By controlling access you also gain control of your internet usage so you can ensure available bandwidth is used for business operations.


  • Real internet access control
    • Take full control of who can access specific websites or applications via your network.
    • Combine ‘allow’ and ‘block’ lists to enable your organization to get work done without exposure to potential hackers attempting to get access through websites, malware or legitimate applications.
  • Stop unauthorized sharing of data
    • Prevent inadvertent data leaks through social media, chat rooms, forums, file sharing sites and many other channels.
    • Meet corporate security policy standards.
  • Request-based internet access
    • Block access to specific sites and services or block everything unless and until it is specifically approved.
  • Ultimate phishing prevention
    • The vast majority of attacks occur when an employee clicks on a malicious link that looks genuine. With Penta’s web filtering solution, this type of threat is eliminated.
  • Real-time threat protection
    • By continuously updating threat lists, even the latest malicious internet locations are instantly blocked.
  • Paralyze botnets before they can cause damage
    • Botnets spread across your corporate network and use your organization to attack others. With web filtering, the bots can no longer reach their hosts rendering them ineffective.

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