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May 31, 2018. | Data security, Financial services, Infrastructure, Tips

Anti-virus software an essential tool to protect businesses

Anti-virus software protecting data

With cybercrime on the rise, anti-virus software is an essential tool to keep businesses safe.

Given the increasing threats faced by businesses online, anti-virus software is an absolute necessity in today’s globally connected digital world

Regardless of what computers your company uses, there should be no excuses for not having online anti-virus protection, but, according to a 2013 report issued by Microsoft, a staggering 24% of PCs are not protected by up-to-date anti-virus software.


This, Microsoft said, left those users’ machines 5.5 times more likely to be infected with viruses.

The numbers involved in dealing with the fall-out of having your computer attacked alone should be a reminder of the importance of using anti-virus solutions. A report by internet security giant Norton last year estimated consumers and businesses which were victims of cybercrime lost a total of $172 billion, with each victim then spending an average of 23.6 hours – or three working days – dealing with the aftermath.

More worryingly, Norton says victims in the UAE spent even more time dealing with the aftermath – an average of 47.9 hours – only topped by Mexico on 55 hours.


And as cybercrime organisations are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks, developing new technologies to trick and cheat money from their victims, Penta’s Network, Security and Voice Architect Philippe Martorell says businesses should take some important steps to protect themselves.

Penta’s Network, Security and Voice Architect Philippe Martorell

Penta’s Network, Security and Voice Architect Philippe Martorell

“An anti-spam and anti-malware gateway is a must, of course. But as no conventional protection tool can really be blocking 100% of threats, I would strongly advise to get some security risk awareness training about basic risks on the workstation.

Anti-virus software

So, what else can be done to stop your machines being infected with viruses, aside from investing in anti-virus software?

A growing threat online

Online risk-takers
 A quarter of all PCs online are unsecure

Global theft
 $172 billion stolen by hackers in 2017

One simple tip is to use different passwords for different websites. According Norton’s research, 20% of all cybercrime victims worldwide used same password across their online accounts. Once a hacker has accessed one of your accounts it makes it a lot easier for them to log in to other systems and websites you use, which could lead to disastrous consequences, especially if your business is involved in the banking and financial sectors.


We would also advise being cautious when using a public WiFi network, as it is easy to monitor other internet users’ activity if a hacker has the right software. The firm advises against sharing personal information when in a public area, however, using virtual private networks – such as the ones Penta offers its clients – helps keep your personal data under control and away from the wrong hands.

Penta uses industry-leading security products, including those offered by Norton, to keep its clients’ data as secure as can be. As well as using the latest advanced anti-virus software to fend off cyber criminals, Penta also hires ethical hackers who work to identify security weaknesses so they can be locked down, preventing any malicious attempts to access our systems and ensuring your firm’s computer systems working.

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