Understanding cloud

The demand for cloud technology is growing
October 24, 2017 News, Understanding cloud
The appetite for cloud technology is increasing. According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, in just two years, the Middle East and Africa will have the world’s highest cloud traffic growth rate of 41 percent. In the UAE and Saudi Arabian markets data center space has increased by more than ...
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Application containerization – why you need it
February 24, 2017 Understanding cloud
In the age of instant-everything, seconds count. The New York Times claims website users drop off after a mere 400 milliseconds, and a difference in page load time of just 250 milliseconds is enough to convey a distinct advantage over competitors¹. We all agree that great application performance is ...
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Why CIOs need to reinvent themselves
October 7, 2016 Understanding cloud
CIOs are going to have to change into strategists rather than technical experts to handle the growing role of IT in business, according to a study by Cognizant. Instead of acting as administrators and problem-solvers, CIOs should position themselves as strategists vis-a-vis the board in order to address technological ...
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Disaster recovery explained
September 22, 2014 Understanding cloud
The setup used to mitigate the risk of IT downtime is called disaster recovery. It combines scheduled off-site backups, and failover systems to run the post-disaster environment directly from the backup. This sounds complicated, but there are really only two factors to consider to manage IT risk: data and time. ...
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Cloud Computing: a Fundamental Shift in IT
August 22, 2014 Understanding cloud
The original article was published by The Geneva Association in their August 2014 newsletter. Cloud coming-of-age Cloud computing today refers to the process of leasing computing assets and the set of added services and assurances that accompany these assets, like provisioning services, backup systems, applications or service level agreements. ...
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European Commission’s cloud plan too corporate, doesn’t tackle government surveillance
April 30, 2014 Understanding cloud
Penta calls on the European Commission’s European Cloud Partnership initiative to consider better legal frameworks for privacy and data protection, broader SME representation, and fostering industry competitiveness. “By letting governments and large corporations dictate policy, we risk creating a similar situation as in the US where net neutrality is ...
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