Thoughts from the data center

Looking for further reading? Enjoy these stories and ideas from Penta's team of cloud services professionals. Each written by an expert in our two global data centers, they’ll give you a sense of what’s happening at Penta, and beyond in the broader world of private clouds and critical IT.

Data Security

UAE cyber threat warning issued

The UAE Cyber Security Council has urged all residents to update a series of Microsoft products, to avoid any breaches or leaks of information and/or...


Are you ready for the new DFSA laws?

On January 1, 2024, five new amendments to the DFSA Rulebook will be in place. Are you ready for the new DFSA laws?

Data Security

What you need to know about FADP-nLPD

On 1 September, without any transition period, a new Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP-nLPD) will come into force. Are you ready? Is your...


Investors In People

Penta achieved the internationally recognized Investors in People accreditation which is considered the gold standard for people management.

Data Security

DFSA IT compliance: where to begin?

If your company falls under Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) jurisdiction and you are unsure where to start in achieving IT compliance,...


How to Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile

Fake employees listed on your company’s LinkedIn page are a security risk for yourself and your staff. Here's how to Spot a Fake LinkedIn Profile.

Data Security

Microsoft’s new data centres

Microsoft has announced it is to open new data centres in Switzerland and Dubai in 2019, helping businesses ‘achieve more while recognizing the...

Data Security

Quick tips on working safely online

Cyber criminals may be continually evolving their tricks and traps, but it is important to recognise there are still some key steps all users can...

Data Security

Tech challenges for 2019

The pace of change in technology is showing no signs of slowing, so businesses have plenty of challenges to face down in the near future.


The History of Penta

Today, Penta is a worldwide IT powerhouse, with offices in three continents serving markets around the world. However, 22 years ago the company began...