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November 30, 2018. | Data security, Infrastructure, News

Microsoft’s new data centres


Microsoft says it believes cloud technologies will be the key drivers of economic development in the near future. Image: Copyright iStock.

Microsoft has announced it is to open new data centres in Switzerland and Dubai in 2019, helping businesses ‘achieve more while recognizing the unprecedented opportunity for digital transformation in the region’.

The company’s new data centres are set to provide businesses, governments and organisations with a new level of cloud-based services as Microsoft says it believes these technologies would be the key driver of economic development in the near future.


Samer Abu-Ltaif, President of Microsoft Middle East and Africa added: “We will continue to work with governments and organizations across the region to accelerate their digital transformation, and I am excited about the role that our new data centres will play in this transformation.”

And lead among the companies working with the software giant in its new ventures was Penta, as Chief Operating Officer Hossein Fezzazi explains:

Penta Chief Operating Officer Hossein Fezzazi

Penta Chief Operating Officer Hossein Fezzazi.

“At Penta we have worked with Microsoft since the very beginning – providing Microsoft services is part of our DNA.

“We are partners, we use Microsoft products and we are certified to provide their solutions and we are excited to be working with them again with their new cloud data centres in Switzerland and Dubai.

“Many of our clients rely on Microsoft services to operate their businesses and they want Penta’s high level of service to better manage their infrastructure and environment.

“For our clients, Penta’s partnership with Microsoft’s new data centres is a new opportunity to fully integrate all the systems and software they know and trust in an environment which is managed to meet their exact security needs.”

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Clients looking to make the most of Penta’s industry-leading security systems with integrated Microsoft services can find out more about Penta 365 by clicking here.


The company’s move to open the data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – its first such operations in the Middle East – means businesses can speed up their digital transformation more quickly thanks to having a trusted partner.

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