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April 19, 2018. | Infrastructure, Tips

Saving money with the most secure IT solutions

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Not all IT solutions need a large capital expenditure

IT poses challenges for businesses of all sizes. And with the average mid-size business spending $13,100 per employee on computer hardware and software, it is easy to see how the costs of IT solutions can quickly spiral out of control. 

Companies face a number of challenges, but perhaps the most pressing is the rate of change in the computing industry.

Farhad Khalilnia, Penta CEO

Farhad Khalilnia, Penta CEO

Farhad Khalilnia, Penta’s founder and CEO, says:

“Technology currently has an evolutionary cycle of one and a half to two years. This speed of change can leave businesses stuck with the difficulty of having to manage expensive capital outlays on new equipment and upgrades.”

And those which do not keep pace with these changes can easily find themselves vulnerable to cyber attack.

Clear benefits

“There are clear economic, security, stability and availability benefits to outsourcing IT services. Studies have shown businesses have made their all-important data 1,000 times more secure by outsourcing their IT services to a trusted third party, all while making financial savings of 30-40%.

“This is because third party providers, such as Penta, have the capacity to implement industry leading, bank-grade security at a predictable, scalable cost to the client.

“At Penta, we monitor our data servers 24/7, ensuring our clients have continuity of quality service. And we back this up by inviting the world’s best ethical hackers to test our systems’ integrity every year, trying to find any shortcomings in our network security.”

By turning to a trusted third-party provider for your IT solutions, your business can ensure it is protected by industry leading security systems, working on dedicated servers, upgraded and maintained without any capital expenditure. In fact, according to UK-based data analytics company Capita, outsourcing IT requirements can cut your IT business costs by up to 30%.

Outsourcing for value

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IT solutions

Trusting Penta with your entire IT solutions allows you to bring everything under one roof: from managing your email servers, telephone lines, mobile platforms and internet access right through to making sure your company’s back-ups are safe and secure, both in the virtual and real world. This saves your business the hassle of having to liaise with several different companies managing different elements of your IT. If your company has a problem, Penta’s 24/7 assistance service will be there to help.


Of course, it is not just the cost of hardware and software to bear in mind, companies also face huge security challenges online. And according to Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report Volume 22 the UAE is the second-most targeted country for ransomware in the Middle East and Africa.

Among the findings of the report, one in 136 emails received in the UAE contained a dangerous link or attachment, highlighting the need for robust and effective IT solutions, such as Penta’s enterprise-grade, anti-spam, anti-virus email systems denying spammers access to your email accounts and address database, your staff can concentrate on their business, rather than worrying about being attacked online.

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