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May 17, 2018. | Compliance, Data security, Financial services, News, Tips

IT security, stability and support, with CTO-as-a-service

Chief Technology Officers command large salaries.

Chief Technology Officers command large salaries.

Employing a Chief Technology Officer (or CTO) can be a big step for any business. Finding the right person who understands your business’ needs and has the right knowledge to make it work can be a difficult and expensive process

Couple this with the salary expectations of a typical IT manager – bearing in mind CTOs in Dubai are paid an average of $13,069 per month, second only Chief Executives and Treasury managers – and it is easy to see why many businesses look elsewhere for their IT service provision.


Thankfully, there is another way. Hiring a CTO-as-a-service or, in other words, using third-party IT services.

Looking to a trusted third-party offers several benefits. Aside from the simple benefit of not having to find suitable office space for yet another member of staff, and providing the required IT for them, your business will also have absolute control over the cost of the position – meaning no difficulties covering holiday or maternity leave, and certainly no problems having to find a suitable replacement if they leave.

Penta Service Specialist Angelos Papadopoulos

Penta Service Specialist Angelos Papadopoulos

And Penta Service Specialist Angelos Papadopoulos says businesses should not worry that using a CTO-as-a-service may not provide a truly dedicated resource.

“At Penta, our service staff are often dropped into a client’s business to get a full understanding of how they are working and exactly what their IT needs are.

“While there, we get the chance to better understand exactly what they need and how we can best provide it. And even when we are no longer on site, we have a one hour response guarantee for any critical issue – night or day.”


With a CTO-as-a-service gives your business total control over its IT service provision and the budget associated with it, without having any of the technical hassle.

Indeed, this can also be used to cover any staffing issue your business may have if you already have a full-time CTO.

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Penta’s award-winning IT services include CTO-as-a-service, with our experts able to guide your business over the phone, by email and even in person. A number of packages are offered, depending on your firm’s needs, but you can be sure your business will be in safe hands if you hand your IT support over to Penta.

With a vast array of clients spanning the world, Penta knows what works and does not, and our IT consultants will be able to help you figure out the best options when it comes to your systems.

IT services

And if something does go wrong, Penta’s five-star IT services support team is available to assist with any problems – big or small – 24 hours a day, seven a days a week, with Penta promising that a high-level IT consultant will respond to queries within an hour, either with an answer or more information.

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