Navigating the EAA terrain: How Swiss companies can prepare for new digital accessibility regulations

Swiss companies operating in the European market must now strategically prioritize compliance before the crucial June 2025 deadline. But are they prepared for the impending accessibility overhaul?

The European Accessibility Act (EAA) stands as a pivotal moment for digital inclusivity, setting forth stringent accessibility requirements for products and services across the EU. 

This directly impacts Swiss companies operating in the European market, who must now strategically prioritize compliance before the crucial June 2025 deadline. Swiss companies must ask themselves a crucial question: are they prepared for the impending accessibility overhaul?

Beyond compliance: The rewards of accessibility

Embracing accessibility is about more than simply avoiding penalties. It fosters a commitment to inclusivity, strengthening brand reputation and attracting diverse audiences. This opens doors to a vast untapped market: people with disabilities represent a significant portion of the global population, offering a lucrative opportunity for accessible businesses. 

Moreover, accessibility features benefit everyone, not just those with disabilities. Clear layouts, larger fonts, and enhanced navigation improve user experience for all, regardless of age or ability. What’s more, websites optimized for accessibility often perform better in search engine rankings, boosting organic traffic and visibility.

Proactive preparation is the key

Complying with the EAA requires a holistic, strategic approach. 

Here are some ways that Swiss companies can navigate this journey effectively:

Conduct accessibility audits

A thorough evaluation of existing digital offerings identifies accessibility barriers hindering user experience for individuals with disabilities and the elderly.

Develop an accessibility roadmap

By creating a well-defined plan outlining necessary changes and prioritizing critical improvements, companies can ensure timely and efficient implementation.

Integrate accessibility into development

Weaving accessibility considerations into the fabric of new projects from the outset prevents costly retrofitting and streamlines compliance efforts.

Invest in accessibility training

Equipping teams with the knowledge and skills to develop and maintain accessible digital solutions ensures long-term compliance and fosters a culture of inclusivity.

Your partnering for a seamless EAA journey

Navigating EAA isn’t just about taking the right actions. It’s about picking the right ally too. 

As a trusted provider of data security solutions, Penta understands the complexities of EAA—and how to help companies not just fall in line with it but to capitalize on it.

By partnering with Penta, you can ensure seamless EAA compliance while unlocking vast opportunities. Contact us today to learn more.

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