Swiss IT’s shrinking talent pool is very real. Here’s how businesses can continue to thrive

A shortage of experts is the biggest IT challenge in French-speaking Switzerland, according to a recent survey. Here's how forward-thinking companies can continue to grow, despite these hurdles.

A shortage of experts is the biggest IT challenge in French-speaking Switzerland, a recent survey has revealed. This hurdle is compounded by wide reports of resources that don’t keep up with workload, and growing competition. Overall, the data paints a stark picture of the IT landscape in Switzerland.

The survey, carried out by ICT Journal, asked 183 French-speaking Swiss ICT providers how they felt about a list of often-cited roadblocks. 

The list of challenges numbers 14 in total, but there are three that stand out to us as crucial to address alone, and can combine to create a pressure cooker for even larger, robust organizations.

This blog examines those three main challenges, and outlines how forward-thinking companies can continue to grow, despite these hurdles.

1. Wanted: more specialists

71% of respondents said that a difficulty in recruiting IT experts was either a significant (44%) or critical (27%) challenge. 

We think this serves as a wake-up call for businesses. The need for skilled IT professionals significantly outstrips supply. As a result, companies are scrambling to fill roles that are vital to operations and growth. 

This drought in IT experts is made worse by the realities of technology never standing still. Even when experts can be found, their effectiveness relies on continual training and updates.

With so much of business reliant on IT operations, this talent shortage has far-reaching consequences, so we’re not surprised that it tops the list of concerns.

We can’t ignore this prospect: If we’re all fighting to staff our IT teams fully, sooner or later, the pool will dry up completely.

2. Victims of success?

46% said that having too much business versus limited resources was either a significant (39%) or critical (7%) challenge.

It’s clear that many IT leaders are experiencing workload overwhelm—not surprising, given the talent pool is drying up. 

To be a victim of your own success may seem like an enviable situation, but those who are backed into that corner know otherwise: Burnout, missed deadlines and compromised quality are all but inevitable in the end. 

Such cracks can be catastrophic—especially when you factor in the third key challenge…

3. Rivalry ramps up

41% said that stronger competition was either a significant (35%) or critical (7%) challenge.

IT competition in Switzerland has never been so fierce. Consequently, so is the pressure to differentiate. 

Companies can’t just hover in the middle lane. They need to be innovative, to stand out, to deliver value and attract top-tier talent in an ever-more-crowded market.

So, what’s the solution?

Based on the full data and our wide expertise and insight, we foresee the industry consolidating around outsourced suppliers.

The shift may be brought about by talent-pool pressures, but when you choose the right IT partner, there is a wealth of benefits:

  • You get access to an exceptional talent pool, by getting access to a diverse team of IT professionals. This reduces the demands on you recruiting and training personnel.
  • You can scale your provisions up or down as needed, so you only pay for what you need—and get the right talent for the right project, without going over budget.
  • You can rest assured that security and compliance are water-tight and in good hands.
  • You can focus on core business while your trusted partner takes care of your back-ups, infrastructure and your whole IT ecosystem.

You can choose to embrace the challenges

When it comes to IT, the obstacles for French-speaking Swiss companies are significant…but not insurmountable.

By being open to outsourcing, Swiss companies can prosper in the face of expert shortages, workload pressures and creeping competition. As many have already discovered, this liberating way of working unlocks new levels of growth and efficiency.

But choosing the right outsourcing partner is crucial. A proven track record, expertise in the field and exceptional customer service are all must-haves.

The ideal provider will offer a full suite of IT solutions tailored to the specific needs of Swiss businesses. 

Penta offers all of these elements and more. So if you’re ready to harness the power of outsourcing, contact us today and discover how we help businesses just like yours to thrive.

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