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Thoughts from the data center

Looking for further reading? Enjoy these stories and ideas from Penta’s team of cloud services professionals. Each written by an expert in our two global data centers, they’ll give you a sense of what’s happening at Penta … and beyond, in the broader world of private clouds and critical IT.

March 11, 2019. | Tips

Top tips on creating secure passwords

Strong passwords are among the most important tools in keeping your data safe. For all the talk of cutting-edge security software and multi-tiered firewalls protecting your data, IT experts agree the best digital defences can be rendered useless if users’ passwords are not up to scratch. Maintaining strong, unique passwords for all the services we […]

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February 28, 2019. | Data security Infrastructure News

Preparing for a no-deal Brexit

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Brexit, businesses would do well to ensure they understand where their data is stored. Image: iStock. Businesses are being warned there has never been a more important time to track where their data is traveling than now, despite the continuing uncertainty surrounding Brexit. As the clock ticks down to March […]

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February 01, 2019. | Data security Infrastructure News

What Microsoft Azure means for your business

Microsoft recently launched its Azure set of cloud computing services which feature a range of security-conscious apps that the US technology giant claims are accessible to all – from small start-ups to huge multinationals. Features include web apps – such as its office suite of products – as well as streaming services, plus Azure allows […]

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