Penta Express on-demand cloud launched


Penta’s robust, high-quality infrastructure is now available to companies that wish to launch and run their virtual machines on-demand while ensuring high availability for critical operations in a cloud setting.

Penta Express is a self-service portal for virtual machines that can be launched in minutes through the Express portal or using APIs. Automate everything and scale as and when needed. The data is kept in data centers in Switzerland under strict privacy regulation.

Penta CEO Farhad Khalilnia explains:

Penta Express was introduced to provide an alternative to companies looking for high quality on-demand cloud computing backed by specialists in the field. Thanks to a simple and intuitive web administration interface and transparent pricing plan, the businesses can set up pre-configured virtual machines in seconds choosing from dozens of ready-made templates.

Penta Express relies on solid infrastructure components and engineering combined with 20 years cloud experience brought by Penta. The combination ensures maximum scalability and efficiency.

Penta Express benefits from the data protection granted by Swiss laws.