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January 03, 2018. | New products, News

Corporate file sharing platform Penta SecureBox launched


Penta is now offering the full-featured secure alternative to online file sharing, Penta SecureBox. The platform allows companies to closely control how their employees share data stored with Penta with each other and externally using two-factor token authentication and user access management.

Bank-level security

Stored and encrypted in Penta’s own infrastructure, Penta SecureBox is fully audited and regulatory compliant as are all Penta services. Bank-level security is ensured by Penta specialist engineers, tested by external cyber security experts. Furthermore, up to five-year data backup and recovery options allow companies to instantly meet data protection and backup legal requirements.

Penta CEO Farhad Khalilnia commented:

“Many file sharing services that are available today are limited and don’t meet the requirements of security conscious companies. Our platform’s key differentiator is that it offers a comprehensive file sharing services, allowing businesses to maintain complete control of enterprise data.”

Regulatory compliant data sharing

In addition to the range of collaboration tools including messaging systems and calendars, Penta SecureBox provides the instant file synchronization feature which guarantees that changes on one device automatically replicate across all PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Penta has specialized in providing high quality cloud-based IT services for over two decades to the financial services sector and industries with similar requirements. Unlike other IT companies, Penta provides out-of-the-box regulatory compliant IT services audited yearly by EY.

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